Paintings and Portraits - customer service

Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us, if you have any other questions. We are happy to help you.

> I have a special request - is that possible?
Yes, a lot is possible. Some of the possibilities:
* replace the background of a painting
* modify the colours of a painting
* paint a painting in black/white or sepia colors
* change a detail of a photograph
* enlarge a detail of a photograph
* combine two or more photos to 1 painting
* add colour to a painting from a black/white photo
* use another painter style
* add a text (for example date) to a painting
If you have a special request, just ask us. We will let know what is possible.

> How do I find a painting that suits me?
2Painting offers you the possibility to make a painting or a portrait by means of a photograph or image (for example your own design, collage or creation) which you yourself supply. Send us your favorite image with your request - almost everything is possible.

> How do I order a painting or gift order?
To order a painting is easy. Send us your request via this website or via our email. We´ll inform you about the possibilities and costs of your painting. After your agreement and payment (25% of total amount) we get to work!

> Is it also possible to order other formats?
If you order a painting, you yourself can indicate in what format you want your painting.

> How much does shipping cost?
We´ll ship your painting to you for free, if you are living in the USA, Canada or Europe. Other countries may include a small shipping fee. We´ll inform you about this.

> How do I know the painting meets my requirements?
We work with very experienced artists. We´ll present the painting to you when it is ready. We´ll send you a digital photograph of the painting when done. You can inspect it and we´ll send it you only if you are satisfied. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the digital picture, we´ll refund you your costs. Once you have approved your painting, we cannot refund any money.

> How do I receive the painting?
We´ll ship the painting to you, safely packaged, rolled up in a tube. You can have it stretched (and framed if desired) at your local art shop.

> What if my painting appears damaged at arrival?
The paintings are sent well packaged. Should nevertheless something occur during transport, please let us know as soon as the package has arrived.

> How do long does it last until I have my painting?
The paintings are painted by hand and must afterwards have some time to dry. The total delivery period is approximately 6 weeks.
Please note: during holidays the delivery time might be a bit longer; please be sure to order your painting soon.

> I have gift coupon - how can I use it?
Please specify the amount of the coupon and coupon code during your order. We´ll deduct it from the costs.
Please note: gift coupons have a limited time validity. To what date they are valid is indicated on the coupon.